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Starting Over At 58

dog in cage Starting Over At 58

I want to move 200 miles away where my children and grandchildren live.  I am employed in a good job and hope to get another good job when I move.  I’m moving to a large metropolitan area and there are a lot of jobs available.  The problem I find is I am competing against 200+ people a day for every job I apply to.  I just turned 58 and do not have a degree, but I have a lot of experience and am good at what I do.  With the economy it’s a very scary time to be moving and starting over.

I’m living with my ex-husband and that in itself is very stressful.  With every resume I send out I think of the little puppies at the pound wanting to be adopted.  I feel like I am doing a song and dance, jumping up and down saying ooh  ooh  ooh pick me… pick me!!!  You want xyz I can give you xyz… no problem.  Give em the big smile and tell them what they want to hear.  It makes me doubt everything I know to be true and just in this world.  And thank heavens I have a job while I am looking for another job.

I had a friend yesterday tell me maybe I should stay with my ex-husband until after the elections, it’s a very difficult time out there.

I was divorced 4 years ago and because of my ex-husbands medical situations I was pulled back with him.  After a 33 year marriage, I wouldn’t have gotten divorced if I wanted to stay with him.  I live paycheck to paycheck and I don’t have a lot of options.  I was “nice” in the divorce and didn’t ask for anything.  Now he is being “nice” to me and “letting” me live with him rent free.  33 years of marriage and 4 great kids and this is my life.  I should have been aggressive and fought for everything.  That’s just not who I am.  I’d rather drive an old car and make it on my own.

Life has never been easy for me.  I do the best I can and hope it’s enough.

I go online and send my resume out every day.  I hope someone will see that I have value and I am worth it.  I thank God every day for my life and pray for the people who don’t have jobs and don’t have skills to be able to get a good job.  It might take me awhile, but I know there is something out there for me.

The thing that keeps me going is thinking of the time I will get to spend with my kids and grand kids.  Going to the grand kids sports and school events.  Living close enough to have them spend the night.  It’s the little things I miss.


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